Emmett Ridge is a Project of Passion

The name Emmett means strong, hardworking and industrious leader.  At Emmett Ridge Farm that is exactly what we aim to do and be.  Our mission is to lead the charge in the direction a vibrant and sustainable LOCAL food system.  In working together we can create nutrient dense, flavorful, integrity filled food while respecting the land and animals entrusted to us.

We have moved!!!

Emmett Ridge Farm is now located on a 132 acre piece of land 25 minutes east of Downtown Cincinnati. We were finally able to purchase land and are now in the process of turning this 132 acre golf course back into the farmland it was originally.

The farm started in our backyard as chickens and 4 hogs that were the beginning stages of a dream and a calling from God.  After the birth of our first child what we put on our plates and in our bodies became more important to us.  As we educated ourselves on our food system and how our food was being produced we became more and more convinced that we needed to do something about it.

Six years later Jeremy works full time at the farm. We are living on the new land we just purchased and taking this old golf course and returning it to its original state.  We are raising grass fed Scottish Highland cross beef, pasture raised heritage breed pork and pasture raised chicken.  We have set up the farm in a sustainable model that works with the land instead of against it.  We want to create a vibrant living ecosystem that gives back for generations to come.