Why is grocery store meat so inexpensive?

“Why would it be more expenive to buy grass fed local meat than Wal-mart ground beef in a tube”

I think this question is best answered in reverse. Why and how can ground beef at the store by 2.99 a pound. We know exactly what it costs to grow meat ethically and sustainably and that is what we charge. The 2.99 a pound meat has extra costs built into that you cannot see.

It has costs to the enviorement, to your health and to the health of your community. Meat raised in a conventianal manner is very costly to the enviorment. The cows are raised on filthy pads and fed tons of grain a day. They are then shipped off to giant meat packers where they are mixed with many other cows and sent to Wal-Mart in a plastic tube.

The last beef recall in 2018 was in December and nearly 12 million pounds of ground beef were recalled. That is just one of the many recalls that happened last year. Knowing your farmer, knowing your food and where is comes from has a price. Raising meat in an ethical and sustainable way that repects the animal and respects the land has a price.

But buying cheap meat has a price as well. It has a price on our families health, our enviorment and our communtiy. I choose to pay the price of ethical and sustainable.

NewsLauren Boswell