Instapot Saves the Day!

It could be worse but its been about 2 months and we still don’t have an official kitchen. The new place didn’t have any appliances and we are still working on a plan for exactly what we want to do with that space. In the meantime I have been testing the limits of my creativity to make my family healthy dinners every night without the luxury of a stove. We have a microwave, a refridgerator, an instant pot and table top griddle.

We are making it work and I thought I would share whats working for us for anyone else in the remolding phase or anyone looking for ways to use that instant pot they got for Christmas.

Lesson 1 of having no kitchen was to get all the appliances I have ever been given out and assess their usefullness.

The Instant won this category and has been a life saver for me. I have found so many ways to use this appliance and once I got over my initial fear of it exploding in my face I pretty much use it every day.

Roast, whole chicken, amazing Raman, Mashed potatoes, white chicken chili, beef spare ribs, taco meat, eggroll in a bowl, pulled pork. Need I go on. I have made so many delicious new recipes in the past two months I would say not having an oven can now totally be catagorized as a blessing.

So dig in and start using it. It saves so much time and can make almost anything. The sear feature means you can brown your meat first and not have to use a seperate pot. If you are anything like me you lvoe the idea of a slow cooker but don’t have time most mornings to also cook dinner.

With the instant pot you can start at 5 and have dinner on the table by 6.

RecipeLauren Boswell