Country Style BBQ Pork RIbs

Mama’s Easy Breezy Country Style Pork Ribs


The thought of making ribs makes this mama a little tired.  Just thinking about the prep work, the all day cooking and the hot kitchen  is a little too much for me at this point in the game.  I know there are many BBQ connoisseurs out there that would disagree and for you I say go for it.  This recipe is not for you.  You don’t even need a recipe.  You just need a day, some beer and your smoker.  But for all of the busy moms out there this is your recipe.

When I do muster the energy to make ribs on a Saturday or Sunday for a special occasion I am always a bit disappointed at the amount of meat that you get after all of that work.

Insert country style ribs here:  Country style pork ribs are actually not ribs at all but slices of the front shoulder of a pig. They need slow cooking but are worth it and pack so much more meat than traditional ribs.  Try them I promise you won’t be disappointed.

We like to put a rub on them first.  My rubs are not scientific.  They usually involve whatever spices I have in cabinet at the time.  If I am out of something, well than that something is not included in this recipe.  Just go with it I promise it will work out.


Mix the following ingredients in a bowl then rub on both sides of meat.  Cook immediately or set back in fridge until you are ready.

Dry Rub

4 Tbs Brown sugar

2 tsp Course Salt

2 tsp Paprika (regular or smoked) I like smoked

2 tsp Garlic Powder

2 tsp Onion Powder

2 tsp Pepper

2 tsp Cumin

1 tsp Cayenne Pepper (optional)


Country Style Pork Ribs

1 pack of Emmett Ridge Farm Country Style Pork Ribs

1 box of broth (Beef, Veggie whatever you have)

3 Tbs Liquid Smoke


If you have an instant pot I would definitely use it.  I love the instant pot because it doesn’t make my house hot and it’s so fast.  I don’t’ have to think about for breakfast what I want for dinner. I decided to make this at about 4:15 on a Saturday and they were ready by 6:00.

I used the metal grate in the bottom of my instant pot.  Then I added a box of vegetable broth.   Beef broth would be ideal but I didn’t have any.  I also added 3 Tbs of liquid smoke.  If you don’t have it any it’s totally not necessary.  I added the meat to the pot and set it at high Pressure Cook for 45 minutes.  Let vent and they are ready.  I used the quick vent and they were perfect.

If you don’t have an instant pot you could put them in a crock-pot and cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for about 3-4 hours.  The meat will literally fall off of the bone and then you know your are ready.

I just scooped out the meat and put it on a serving platter and served some of my homemade BBQ sauce on the side.  The meat has such an amazing flavor that you don’t want to smother it with BBQ or cook it in the sauce and loose that flavor. 

You can serve on its own like we did or on a bun.  Whatever floats your boat!

It’s super hot here and I wanted mine with a nice green salad (which were out of) so we went with roasted veggies.


The Farmers Wife

Photo courtesy of  20eats

Photo courtesy of 20eats

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