Thanksgiving Turkeys - Orders yours today!!!


This is truly a bird to be thankful for. Our turkeys have been raised on 100% NON GMO locally produced feed with full access to lush green pastures. None of our birds have ever needed any antibiotics so we never gave them any. We strive to produce a product that has been raised in a respectful and authentic fashion that we believe God would be proud of and that we would be willing to put on the Thanksgiving Day tables of our friends and families. 

Now for the Specs:

Our birds will range in size from 12-18 lbs the average should be around 15lbs.  So that being said if you are looking for a very large bird to feed a lot of people you would be better off ordering two smaller birds and using the spatchcocking method. 

Pick Up:

Our birds will be processed on Saturday Nov 18th and kept at 33* until  you pick them up at either our restaurant Sunday or one of our pick up locations on Monday or Tuesday.  

Sunday: Pick up  at our kitchen (preferred method) (701 Columbia St Higginsport OH) 10-4

Monday: Crossroads Eastside parking lot  (next to Jungle Jims in Eastgate (5-7pm) 

Tuesday:  Crossroads Oakley parking lot  (3500 Madison Rd Cincinnati OH (5-8pm)

How to order:  We will be charging a $50.00 deposit on all birds.  The birds are $3.50 a pound.  A 15 lb bird would be $52.00 and a 12 lb bird would be $42.00.  We will give you change back or ask you for a few more dollars once you get there based on the size of bird you take home.  We accept cash or credit card.

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