5 Reasons to Know your Farmer

As we push forward this new year and try to introduce new people to the farm and to the concept on buying locally I felt we could all use a refresher on why buying food from a farmer you know ROCKS!

1. It tastes BETTER.  This one is so easy.  If you don't believe me then you have to try it yourself.  I know it has something to do with the diet of the food, the way it is raised, the way it is processed and the type of animals that we produce, and I know for sure it truly tastes better.  I can eat less, feel fuller and feel truly nourished in a way I don't feel when I eat something commercially raised. We were having lunch at Pleasantry last weekend and the chef brought us out a new pork chop dish to try.  He shook Jeremy's hand and said they all agreed that our pork is the best they have ever tasted.  You can't argue with that.

2. It is better for you.  There is none of the stuff you don't want for your family in our meat.  The jargon and mumbo jumbo surrounding our food today and how it is produced is getting overwhelming.  What does free range truly mean? What the heck is a GMO? Are they truly bad for you? What is glyphosate? Why it is always used to produce our food?  There are not many clear cut answers to these questions but I have a way  around that.  Buy your food from a transparent farm.  A place that allows you to see how the animals are raised and avoid the questions above.

3. It is easier.  Going the grocery used to feel like going into battle for me.  It is crowded, busy and  expensive.  I found myself either running in 2-4 times a week for small purchases of just what we were going to eat for dinner that night or spending 2 hours there on my off day filling my cart with tons of stuff, (Some of which would go bad or go uneaten.)  Having a freezer full of healthy meat choices at all times frees me.  It allows me to go to the store once a week for veggies and staples and build meals around what is already in my freezer.  It makes meal planning and the difficult week night dinners so much easier.  It's frozen you say!!  How can that be easier?  I usually try to thaw the night before. It's really quite easy.  Before I go to bed I open the freezer, pick out a package put it in the fridge and voila' I have tomorrows dinner planned.

4.  It is less expensive.  When you buy a half or whole hog or beef the cost savings are pretty obvious. You are getting the highest quality meat they would have to offer at the store and the medium price is about $5.00 to $6.00 a pound.  Even when you buy a la carte from our site or try one of our sample packs the price is the same or even less than what equivalent quality cuts would be at the store without all the extras that come along with the store.  Lets be honest how many times do you go to the store on the weekend load up with healthy meats and veggies to make amazing meals for your family through the week and then have a practice run late or last minute dinner invite and you find yourself throwing out fresh things that you did not get around to making.  Having a freezer full of meat eliminates these things and gives you the freedom and flexibility to feed your family when you need to.

5.  It is the right thing to do.  Food is life.  When we lose the understanding of where our food comes from we diminish it.  Knowing your farmer means knowing your food and knowing your food brings a sense of value that we don't get from buying conventionally raised meat at the grocery.  Spending our food dollars locally is a vote that we care about how our food is raised and what we are putting in our bodies.  It is also a vote for local business and the entrepreneurial spirit that our country was built on.  We have made shifting your food dollars locally totally convenient, cost effective, beneficial for your families health.  Make the mind shift and commit.  You will not be disappointed.

-The Farmer's Wife

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