Emmett Ridge Farm featured on WCPO

Emmett Ridge was recently featured on WCPOs chanel 9 news as a local source of ethically raised meat for both consumers and businesses. Emmett ridge is committed to its community business partners as a local food source for the economy. The go-local mindset has been seen more money go into the hands of farmers and local hired help.

In order to keep up with growing demand, Emmett Ridge started a subscription based delivery system that also has a delivery option. In 2019, Emmett Ridge moved locations to Amelia ohio on the former site of the Lindale golf course. The move has enabled the farm to host events such as weddings, corporate events, and community engagement such as the Farmer’s Mile.

Emmett Ridge has benefited from new and innovative approaches to farming, such as utilizing movable electric fences to contain livestock. The new location also boasts six miles of paved walking trail, viewable on Google Maps.

NewsAubrey Backscheider