Farm to Table to Soul!!!

Our family is lucky enough to  have farm to table dinners every night.  It has been a dream of ours for a long time to be able to host farm to table dinners at our farm and invite our friends and neighbors to join us.  

It's funny how God always knows what you need before you do.  We recently were lucky enough become friends with Skip and Denise Bollinger of Creek's Edge Farm Retreat.  They own a beautiful farm right down the road from us and share the same vision of community that we do.  Denise and Skip have restored an amazing old tobacco barn into a venue for weddings, parties and pretty much and event you would like to host in amazing, truly rustic barn.

Last week Denise assembled a magical group of people for a small, intimate farm to table dinner in her barn.  When I say magical, I truly mean it.  We laughed, had amazing conversations and solved most of the worlds problems (well almost). We met a local fiddle player/librarian extraordinaire, Harry.   As well a former caterer/event planner who is now working on producing a television program based on highlighting positive things going on in the world today.

A plan was hatched to try our hand at hosting some small farm to table dinners at Creek's Edge.  We are doing a trial run this month and then will open it up for reservations.  Check out this quick video and witness the magic!  More information coming soon.