"Big Daddy" box of beef (25 lbs)

"Big Daddy" box of beef (25 lbs)

199.00 241.00

Make it worth your time and money. Stock your family freezer with delicious beef and you can feel great about dinner for almost a solid month.

You get 25 lbs of great beef or 1/20th of a cow.

10# of “Game Changing Ground Beef”

5# of farmers choice steaks (take your time with it. Its full flavor beef.)

5# of ERF’s choice roasts (Crock pot, roasting pan or on the smoker) great this time of year

3# of short ribs or beef shanks ( Rich and delicious, slow cook for an amazing easy dinner)

2# of Soup bones (STEP UP YOUR GAME! Knuckles and tubes for bone broth, beef stock)

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