Barn Raiser Building Block

Barn Raiser Building Block


In the 19th century communities were forced to rely on one another and tradition developed. It was called a “Barn Raising”. When one family in the community needed to build a barn to sustain there family and help support the community at large they would all pitch in and give a hand. Families from around the community would converge at one location at the same time and together the would raise a barn in record time.

Well that is exactly what we are doing at Emmett Ridge Farm. We are raising a barn and we are asking for you to lend a hand. Building a farm in this day and age is a nearly impossible task for many reasons, but it is absolute necessity for all of us. We feel that God has called us to the mission of healing land and community. so lets get started. It will take the support from our entire community to bring this whole thing together.and back to work. Please fill your cart with as many building blocks as you feel called to purchase. Thanks for your interest and support. You Reap What You Sow.

Jeremy Boswell

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